French Revolution daily begins! – bis

I announced the start more than a year ago, from Paris. I am currently in Berlin and this blog finally actually opens today – with political and gallant entry from the gouverneur Morris’s diary, an enthralling reading bringing European and American politics together and mixing them with Parisian business and leisure.

From today on, you will find here a fragment from an ocular witness’s account of the French Revolution. The date of each document will match the date of its appearance on this blog. However, I have decided to navigate freely between different years of the Revolution, from 1789 to 1799.

Time permitting, I will be commenting on the published fragments. You comments and reposts are very much welcome!

French Revolution daily begins!

Welcome to the French Revolution daily blog, the first blog in which one of the most important events in the modern history is told by individuals who witnessed it and decided to share their experience with their diary or with a distant correspondent, in a private letter.

  • Why is the French Revolution important?
  • What is interesting about private experience of historical change?
  • Who are the witnesses?
  • Who is the blog’s keeper?

Responses to all these questions, first accounts, and much more soon to come!