29 May 1789: visits in Versailles

Friday... — My Supper of last Night occasions late rising this Morning; indeed I am fallen into an Habit of lying too long which if possible must be corrected. Write, and at one set off for Versailles. Alight at the Door of Monsieur de Montmorin. His Porter tells me in a surly Tone that I come too late, just when the Count is going in to Dinner; to which I answer by desiring he will tell his Master I wish to speak to him. Stay in the Anti Chamber pretty late and at length when Dinner is announced Mr. de Puysegur quits him. I deliver the Letter I had kept so long, and with it an Apology which is very well received. Go up to Dinner. Common States General Chit Chat. The Dinner lasts long as we wait for a Gentleman who is in Session of the Noblesse. In quitting the Count he very kindly regrets that he sees so little of me this Day, which Compliment might be spared, as it depended on himself to have had more particular Conversation. He desires a Repetition of my Visit and that I would consider his House as my own when ever I am there. This last I set down to the Account of my Friend Carmichael. (…) At Madame de Montboissier’s meet her Husband’s Uncle, who by Reason of his Age is President of their Assembly. Much dissatisfied here with the Tiers. She asks me to go to the Play, and the old Gentleman gives me his Ticket. (…) In going Home, as it rains pretty smartly, I take Shelter in the Theatre, or rather in the Box of the Chamber or Salle des Spectacles, instead of calling on La Borde and a second Time on La Touche. At nine set off for Paris. A very fine Evening. This Day has been pleasant but I am not well satisfied with the Employment of it.

A diary of the French revolution, by Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816. Ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport. Vol. 1 (Boston, 1939), p. 98-99.


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