1 May 1789: “to know all one must see all”

Friday… Mr. Parker breakfasts with me. After he leaves me I dress and go to Mr. Millet’s where the Party are to meet. (…) Proceed to the Palais de Bourbon; see the small Apartments and Garden. (…) From thence we go to the Cabaret and dine on Matelotte. (…) After Dinner the Women propose to go on the Seine to which I readily agree. (…) We embark in a dirty fishing Boat and sit on Deal Boards laid across. (…) After descending a considerable Distance we remount to the Barriere de Chaillot, but from a Mistake in the Order, which has been the Loss of many Battles, our Carriages are not to be found. (…) Cross the River and go to look for them where we dined. Not finding them there we return to recross it. Meet a Servant who tells us that the Carriages are at the Grille de Chaillot. We re-cross. (…) After waiting some Time for the Carriages (during which the Women amuse themselves with running about) they at length arrive, and I come Home. Dress and go to Madame de Flahaut’s. A large Company. A great Deal of Politics and some Play. I do not get Home till one, having set down a Gentleman who was unprovided of a
Carriage. Then I sit and read till near two and go to Bed heartily fatigued with this Day’s Amusement, if I may give that Name to Things which did not amuse me at all. I incline to think that Madame Roselle is my unknown Correspondent, but I do not care six Pence who it is. An Engage[men]t in which the Heart can take any Share is out of the Question with me; and as to the Person, I am neither young enough nor old enough to play the
Fool on that Score. It has been a fine Day, very much misemployed. But to know all one must see all.

A diary of the French revolution, by Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816. Ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport. Vol. 1 (Boston, 1939), p. 62-63.


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