29 January 1790: on the King’s visit to the Assembly & other affairs

Friday – (…) At three go to the Louvre. Madame [de Flahaut] is in Bed, still much indisposed. The Bishop [d’Autun] comes in. I take him to the Palais royal and go thence to Monsieur de Montmorin’s. (…) Before Dinner the Question of the King’s Visit to the Assemblee was started and I very imprudently gave my Opinion of that Measure. Reflection tells me that whether Proposed by Necker or by La Fayette, Montmorin has probably agreed to it. After Dinner Mesdames de Fersansac and Vingtimille come in. Mons[ieu]r de Bonnet was here a little before and as he goes away with the latter there is evidently an Arrangement between them. Short told me that the other Sister had said many civil Things on my Subject last Evening. I therefore pay the proper Attentions which are well received. Mad[am]e de Beaumont is summoned to her Appartment where someone is waiting for her. She affects a vast Regret at leaving us which is evidently feigned and therefore I conclude it is her Lover, let it be who it may. Go from hence to the Louvre. Vicq Dazir is here and Mons[ieu]r de Paraman. The former goes away but the latter seems so bent upon staying longer than me that I leave him there. Go to Mad[am]e de Chastellux’s. The Bishop [d’Autun]’s Sister in Law comes in. She is in ill Health she says, but looks I think otherwise. The baron de Bezenval is released from his Confinement this Evening about eight o’Clock. From what Mad[am]e de C——— tells me as coming from Mad[am]e Necker by the Duc de Nivernois, I conclude that the proposed Plan for the King originates in the finance Department. It is ridiculous. The Weather has been variable with high Wind from the Westward, and this Evening it blows very hard.

A diary of the French revolution, by Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816. Ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport. Vol. 1 (Boston, 1939), p. 391.


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