20 November 1789:Necker’s plan at the Assemblée & Sex cures headache

Friday 20. — This Morning I rise early and go to the Assemblée. Stay there till four, a tedious Session from which I derive a violent Headache. Mirabeau and Dupont are the two Speakers on Mr. Necker’s Plan who command the most Attention, but neither of them in my Opinion derives Honor from the Manner of treating it. Probably it will be adopted and if so it will be I think fatal to their Finances and completely derange them for some Time to come. Dine at the Restorateur’s & then return Home. Dress and go by Appointment to Club to meet the Vicomte de Noailles. He desires me to give Information about America to an unfortunate Man who desires to establish himself in that Country. Go to the Louvre and loose [sic] in the Arms of my fair friend [Mme Flahaut] the Head Ache which I had gained at the Assembly. Take Tea and then visit Madame de Chastellux. The Vicomte de Segur tells me that his Brother is arrived, and requests me to dine To Morrow with the Baron de Bezenvald and go thence to his Interrogatoire. I promise to do so. From Mad[am]e de Chastellux’s go to Mad[am]e de Stahl’s and sup. I give her my Opinion of the Speeches of this Morning and shew one or two Things in which Mr. Dupont was mistaken. She does not like this, because he supported her Father’s Plan, which she declares to be necessary &c., &c. Return Home immediately after Supper. This has been a pleasant Day.

A diary of the French revolution, by Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816. Ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport. Vol. 1 (Boston, 1939), p. 308.

Image: Pierre, Charles, François Dupont de Bigorre


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