15 November 1789: Wheat Commerce & Necker’s Plan of a National Bank

Sunday 15. — Last Night I was frequently awakened by shooting Pains in my Stump and in the other Leg an anxious Sensation which I conceive to arise from some Derangement of the nervous System, and therefore I must expose myself more to the Air and take Exercise. The Wind has blown all Night very hard and continues high this Morning. I think it is from the Southwest and I fear that many have fallen Victims to its Rage. (…) Write a little and then call on Mr. Le Couteulx. He tells me that Mr. Necker wants Wheat. He has been dealing with Rouen about Wheat to be brought from Canada. A very wild Scheme and I shew it to be such. He wants therefore to get clear of it. After turning the Matter round in different Ways it is agreed that he shall write a Letter to the Agents of Rouen in which he will tell them the Inconveniences which attend the Import from Canada, and recommend it to them to treat with me, and he will send a Copy of this Letter to Mr. Necker. Go from hence to the Louvre. Mad[am]e [Flahaut] is ill, but dressing to receive her Company. Dine. Sit till about seven. Tell Mad[am]e La Borde that I cannot spend the Evening with her, being not well and therefore desirous to go to Bed early. Offer my friend to come and sit an Hour with her if she will stay at Home. At going away she follows me to know what she shall do. I tell her to go abroad, as she wishes to go. I go to Mad[am]e de Chastellux’s. (…) Stay but a little while and then come Home. Take Tea and read Mr. Necker’s Memoire of Yesterday, containing a Plan for the Caisse D’Escompte, which is to be converted into a national Bank. This Plan cannot I think succeed. Write till after twelve. The Wind has been very high all Day with Showers, and this Evening it rains hard. Such a long and heavy Gale from the Southwest must I think have done much Mischief.

A diary of the French revolution, by Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816. Ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport. Vol. 1 (Boston, 1939), p. 300.

Image: Jacques Necker


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