24 September 1789

[Thursday, 24 September 1789]

Thursday 24.—This Morning write a while and then according to Appointment visit Madame de Flahaut. At her Toilette and with her Dentist. Shew her a List of the Committee of the Finances and take her Opinion of some Characters, finally tell her that I have a Projet respecting them in which she must participate, and must aid in the Execution of. She gives me Reason to expect that Monsr. de Montesquieu will be Minister of the Marine and that in such Case good Things may be done. We shall see. She is just done dressing when Mr de St. Pres arrives to go with her to Versailles. Desires me to call this Evening between ten and eleven to learn the News. (…) After Dinner we visit Mr. Hudon and from thence I go to the Hôtel de l’Université and enquire for Dalrymple, who is not yet arrived. Then go to Club. Hear a Sketch of Neckar’s Propositions to the States, which Gautier had before told us of at Mr. Jefferson’s. They appear to me very strange, however no Judgment can be formed till we have the Details. To obtain them I visit between nine and ten at Madame de Flahaut’s. She is not returned, but at the Instance of her Servant I go up Stairs and wait her Arrival. To amuse myself write her a few Lines which have no Merit either of Thought or Expression, but they will please notwithstanding.

Whilst I wait the Approach of the Nymph I adore, / To hasten the Moments along / Thine Aid, charming Cupid, I fondly implore / And pour thus my amorous Song: / Come lovely Woman, why so long delay? / Oh! come and take me from myself away.

When blest by her Presence I gaze on those Charms / Which the Bosom of Age might inspire / How I pant to encircle the Nymph in my Arms, / How glow with incessant Desire! / Come lovely Woman, why so long delay? / Oh! come and take me from myself away.

When she listens at last to my amorous Zeal / And kindly consents by a Kiss, / No Words can the genial Transport reveal / No Sound but the Murmur of Bliss. / Come lovely Woman, why so long delay? / Oh! come and take me from myself away.

This has been a very fine Day.

The Diaries of Gouverneur Morris Digital Edition, ed. Melanie Randolph Miller. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2015.


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